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2015. július 31. - Andrea Lung

11412416_10153402708233044_4583551495439181688_n.jpgWelcome to Soul-thoughts!

Soul-thought has come into being, so that we can talk about all things of life. Simply and honestly. The idea for this occurred after some of my writings were published at Everrip ( and I received numerous letters, reactions and questions which I unfortunately could not answer there. So Soul-thoughts was actually made to serve you, so that your soul has a guideline in difficult times, when you've lost your way. This should be a kind of map to navigate you through your own mind. We will never be able to give you definite answers, but perhaps we can show you new perspectives that might help you to continue your journey.

Soul-thoughts is not meant for professionals and is not a course book either. We don't use complicated terminologies, but everyday language. We have no scientific purpose. We do not want to discuss everyday politics either. We simply intend to understand everyday experiences much better with the help of modern psychology. This page is for those who want to better understand themselves and the world around them and seek possible answers. We want to help you to keep your eyes open so that you will be able to understand and to listen instead of making hasty judgements. We want to help you recognise the small but joyful things of life as well as the painful and meaningful moments, so that you can consciously and open-hearted experience these thrilling moments. We want to help you realise how you can benefit from these situations. We want you to realise and accept that you and me, everyone, here and now, we are all present in this life and many others have to walk in the same shoes you do too. You are not alone! Here you can learn to deal with and talk about your pain and problems, and you can also learn how to help others.

Soul-thoughts would like to be more than a one-way monologue, rather a virtual "hand-shake", a different form of social network, where we really listen to each other and where you can tell your story as well... Where we all can learn something from each other, about life and about ourselves, why we humans are so complicated sometimes, why we are out of reach for the others now and then, or on the contrary, why we are often so inexplicably close to each other. This is a place where we talk about things nobody spoke about for a very long time. A community where we deal with taboos in a way that they become more close to us. We talk about pain and difficulties and also about joyful affairs, keeping the belief that whatever happens, the future will bring you the solutions you are seeking for, and that nothing happens without a reason.

Wandering among everyday thoughts, feelings and experiences 

I believe everyone and every life is unique. You are responsible for your own life and for your decisions. There are no right or wrong decisions, but there are consequences you have to live with and which you have to face. Therefore, it is important to live every minute of your life consciously and well. Actually, each and every moment can teach you something, if you are open for it.

As being a mental health professional, I believe that we can help each other. I firmly believe that a new idea, a good conversation and attentive listening can be healing. I believe that everyone can live in peace with themselves, if they are willing to face the daily challenges of mental development. Everyone is stopped or lifted up by someone else. Everyone is like a unique puzzle game. No one knows and recognizes the right pieces of your own life better than you do. So it is you, who has to find the right answers for your own puzzle, even if you need some help once in a while. Keep your eyes open!

Lung Andrea
Master of Arts in Counseling
Dipl. Mental & Emotion Coach
Certf. Intergral Coach

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